Great Teaching + Innovative Technology = #Endless Promise

Testimonials for Website

Continually interwoven in all training and workshops is the concept of growing through lifelong learning and failures. This #GrowthMindset is crucial to being able to #failforward to find the #inspiredcreativity that spurs innovation never before seen in schools and businesses.

Building the self-efficacy of those I work with has always been the primary focus throughout my work as an instructional technology resource teacher, conference presenter, adjunct, and consultant (2).

Consulting for G Suite is built upon years of training and use as well as certifications as a Google for Education Certified Trainer, Administrator, Educator Level 1, and Educator Level 2.

Consulting for other technologies (Microsoft Office, Video Editing & Publication, Social Media, and more) is well informed through adjunct work alongside being an instructor for a county parks and recreation department.

Keynoting is a privilege held in high regard. I would be honored to provide inspiration for conferences, professional development days or administrative retreats. The right mindset can help to ensure the success, longevity, and sustainability of new initiatives.

I live and work in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and am based in the area Frederick and Loundoun Counties near the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. However, I am happy to travel to provide my consulting services.